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WWP’s Independence Program Helps Warriors and Caregivers Today and Tomorrow

A warrior and his wife and caregiver take a walk, Wounded Warrior Project's Independence Program helps severely wounded veterans get the assistance they need.

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) assists the most severely wounded veterans – and their caregivers – through its Independence Program. The veteran’s injury or illness does not have to be combat-related or to have occurred while in service. These warriors live with conditions like traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injuries as well as multiple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy dementia, Parkinson’s disease and brain tumors.

The goal of WWP’s Independence Program is to find new avenues for independence for both warrior and caregiver. By working with warriors, families, caregivers, and WWP-provided support, the Independence Program helps craft support plans and goals that fit the individual objectives of injured veterans.  

“The Independence Program at Wounded Warrior Project provides unique services based on warriors’ needs with the goal of re-engaging in the community and improving quality of life,” Kelly Parker, Independence Program deputy director said.

“Some of the services offered are case management, access to a community support specialist to help set goals and engage in the community, alternatives such as art, music, and equine therapies, and transportation services,” Kelly added. “We also provide unique services to our caregivers including opportunities for respite, self-care, and engagement with other caregivers.”

WWP’s Independence Program services are customized depending on the severity of the veteran’s medical condition. Some veterans are able to live on their own with minimal help. Others live at home with caregiver assistance. Yet other injured veterans, who also receive assistance from WWP, are mostly dependent on others, whether they live in a facility or receive 24/7 assistance at home. The goal is to augment the care already available and provide additional support for caregivers.

The Independence Program currently provides services in 49 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico. Ninety-five percent of warriors receiving assistance through Independence Program live at home.

To help warriors and their loved ones have peace of mind, WWP empowers the most severely injured veterans to plan for the long-term by enrolling in Continuous Care Services. All injured veterans in WWP’s Independence Program are eligible. WWP provides experts to help warriors and families plan together for the future by creating a life care plan. The plan includes a benefits assessment, a legal plan, and a financial plan. Warriors and caregivers are invited to participate in these planning services. 

“We are sensitive to the ever-evolving needs of warriors, and we take a comprehensive approach in helping them and their caregivers achieve independence,” Kelly said.

Caregivers also have access to an app called Neuroflow to help support and strengthen their mind-body connection to improve mental wellness, she said. 

Recently, WWP launched virtual programs for warriors and caregivers. Art classes, music lessons, and writing workshops give both warriors and caregivers a chance to engage together and also connect with other families. Virtual opportunities include interest groups and opportunities for self-care and respite for caregivers.

In addition, in 2022, WWP’s Independence Program is offering virtual reality opportunities to support warriors in decreasing social isolation and re-engaging with their communities. All these services are at no cost to warriors and their families.

Learn more about services provided by WWP’s Independence Program. Get connected today or read more about how WWP helps.

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