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Wounded Warrior Project Hosts Challenging Sandbag Workout for Injured Veterans

PITTSBURGH, April 10, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Unique ways to get moving and stay in shape might not always come naturally. But at a recent Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) physical health and wellness event, warriors used a workout tool familiar to many in the military: sandbags.

"On one of my first coaching calls with a Wounded Warrior Project staff member, I brought up how useful I found these sandbags to be," said Army veteran Stephen Tyson. "At first, I was looking for equipment that would allow me to get a good workout at home. They ended up being an ideal way to do functional exercises with my injury; strength and conditioning are what I need the most. So when I saw Wounded Warrior Project offering a sandbag class, I was excited to get more exposure and insight on new techniques."

The event was also an opportunity for connection. Like all WWP program events, the sandbag workout gave warriors a chance to forge friendships with other veterans in various stages of recovery. WWP's physical health and wellness programs support warriors as they manage mental health through physical activity and connecting with other veterans.

"I have been to enough Wounded Warrior Project events that I know I don't need to be nervous when I arrive," Stephen said. "I knew the instructor and a few other participants. For me, these events are a chance to try something new and not worry about what others think. I don't feel like I am judged by anyone at these events. Everyone is there to find healing and better themselves."

Warriors participated in the workout at their pace with instructions on technique from staff and coaches. After warming up, warriors launched into complex movements for short bursts. From there, staff split the group into teams of three for a 30-minute competition. 

"The workout was intense," Stephen said. "The coaches put together a workout that motivated us, challenged us, and encouraged us to push ourselves. At the end, I was exhausted. It is hard for me to stay in a physical activity long enough to reach exhaustion, and this class got me there. I'm really grateful for that."

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