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Content tagged with "Military-Rehabilitation"

2018/06/20 Warriors Build Confidence, Find Veteran Support on Nature Hike

2017/01/05 Veterans Fire Up the Grill With Wounded Warrior Project

2017/01/05 Wounded Warrior Project Trains with John Hopkins University

2017/01/06 On the Trail to a New Life: Chad Prichard Finds Peace, Stability Through Wounded Warrior Project

2018/11/16 Discovering Hidden Strength Among Female Warriors

2018/11/09 Veteran Recovers Optimism Through Mental Health Telephone Support Program

2017/01/30 Wounded Warrior Project Hosts Physical Health and Wellness Expo for Injured Veterans

2018/10/24 Proctoring Program Continues to Provide Employment Opportunities for Wounded Veterans

2017/02/17 Fitness on all Fronts: Wounded Warrior Project Veterans Attend Fitness Expo at Georgetown

2018/11/06 Country Star Craig Campbell to Sing National Anthem at Wounded Warrior Project 5K

2017/09/05 Injured Veterans Continue Serving Through Charity

2017/08/09 Musician Dedicates Song to Support Wounded Warrior Project

2017/07/12 Injured Veterans Ruck with Wounded Warrior Project Comrades

2017/06/30 Wounded Warrior Project Helps Veterans Connect at Surfing Clinic

2017/06/29 Wounded Veterans Gather for Wounded Warrior Project Fitness Training

2017/06/22 Army Veteran Finds Light in His Recovery with Wounded Warrior Project

2017/06/19 Veterans Empowered at Wounded Warrior Project Fitness Program in Atlanta

2017/06/16 Brett Miller: 2017 Courage Award Recipient Connects Veterans with Wounded Warrior Project

2017/06/14 Veteran Served by Wounded Warrior Project Throws First Pitch at East Carolina University

2017/06/14 Wounded Warrior Project and JLL Announce Partnership to Strengthen Veteran Support

2017/06/13 Couples Renew Relationships with Wounded Warrior Project

2017/06/12 Physical Fitness Program Empowers Wounded Warrior Project Veterans

2017/06/08 Wounded Warrior Project Helps Local Warriors with VA Benefit Compensation

2017/06/07 Beach Bonfire Creates Tranquility at Wounded Warrior Project Campout

2017/06/06 Wounded Warrior Project Fitness Coaching Program Empowers Injured Female Veteran

2017/06/05 Wounded Warrior Project Photography Class Puts Camaraderie in Focus

2017/06/05 Camaraderie Biggest Catch During Wounded Warrior Project Fishing Trip

2017/06/01 Wounded Warrior Project Gives Veteran His Voice in TBI Recovery

2017/05/24 Game Plan When Dining Out Results in Better Choices

2017/05/18 Wounded Warrior Project Partners With OrCam, Congressman to Help Blind Veteran

2017/05/16 Wounded Warrior Project Family Members Empowered by Throwing Punches

2017/05/11 Time to Get Rolling: Foam Rolling Tips from Wounded Warrior Project

2017/05/08 Veterans Sharpen Skills at Wounded Warrior Project Knife-Building Class

2017/05/05 For the Birds: Wounded Warrior Project Veterans Empowered at Falconry Event

2017/05/03 Wounded Warrior Project Veterans Take Center Stage at 2017 NFL Draft

2017/04/25 Wounded Warrior Project Veterans Receive National Support from Operation Supply Drop

2017/04/12 Injured Veterans Train to Save Lives with Wounded Warrior Project

2017/04/10 Wounded Warrior Project Hosts Challenging Sandbag Workout for Injured Veterans

2017/03/27 Wounded Warrior Project Veterans Heal by Brush

2017/03/17 Wounded Warrior Project Hosts Challenging TRX Workout for Injured Veterans

2017/10/19 Veterans Connect During Behind-the-Scenes Tour Before FSU Football Game

2017/10/17 Wounded Warrior Project Offers Tips to Build Compensation and Pension (CP) Claims

2017/03/15 Wounded Warrior Project Veterans Connect During Night of Bowfishing

2017/03/14 Wounded Warrior Project Introduces Veterans to Footgolf at Connection Event

2017/03/09 Wounded Warrior Project Families Connect at Billy Bob's Wonderland

2017/03/08 Veteran Finds Healing and Camaraderie with Wounded Warrior Project

2018/12/18 Local Veteran Appears on 'Dr. Phil'

2017/03/06 Warrior #1 Still Giving Back to Other Veterans

2017/03/03 Veterans Heal at Wounded Warrior Project Mental Health Workshop

2017/03/03 Wounded Warrior Project Joins Warrior Wellness Alliance

2017/02/24 Wounded Warrior Project Veterans Connect with Community at Vets 4 Vets Gathering

2016/09/13 Injured Warriors Hang Ten with Wounded Warrior Project

2018/01/05 Injured Veterans Empowered to Reach Health Goals at CrossFit Class

2018/01/02 Wounded Warrior Project Introduces Injured Veterans to Small-Space Gardening

2018/02/21 Wounded Warrior Project: Blood Tests to Treat PTSD

2018/02/07 Veteran Employment: Wounded Warrior Project Steers Vets to Civilian Jobs

2018/01/22 Wounded Warriors Pump It Up with a Dumbbell and Kettlebell Clinic

2018/02/26 Warriors Empowered Through Healing Yoga and Nutrition Class

2018/04/13 Injured Veterans Tour Giant Radio Telescopes with Wounded Warrior Project

2018/04/27 Injured Veterans Take on Challenging Hike and Learn About Healthy Eating

2018/04/23 Warriors Find Relaxation and Support During Manatee Swim Session

2018/04/19 Warriors Build Confidence, Find Veteran Support on Nature Hike

2018/04/18 Adaptive Workout Clinic Boosts Mental, Physical Wellness in Wounded Warriors

2018/04/17 Warriors Empowered While Building Strength on Kayaking Journey

2018/04/10 Adaptive Physical Health, Wellness Clinic Helps Local Injured Veterans

2018/03/15 Wounded Warrior Project Challenges San Antonio Community to Give Big

2018/05/15 Female Warriors Strengthened Through Vinyasa Yoga Dance Class

2018/05/29 Veterans Charity Empowers Warriors Through Creative Digital Photography

2018/05/24 Warriors Fire Up the Grill With Tips for Preparing Healthy Proteins

2018/05/23 Anti-Gravity Yoga Class Takes Warrior Workouts to New Heights

2018/06/25 Veterans Charity Connects Warriors, Spouses During Relaxing Dinner

2018/06/22 Injured Veterans Invigorated at Healing Yoga Session

2018/06/22 Magnus Charitable Trust and Wounded Warrior Project Announce Root to Rise Yoga Fundraiser

2018/06/22 Wounded Warrior Project Veteran Hosts Public Yoga Event in Chicago on June 30

2018/06/11 Veterans Charity Brings Warriors and Families to Explore Old Village

2018/06/11 Wounded Warrior Project Helping Veterans Recover Step-By-Step

2018/08/21 Colorado Nature Hike Revitalizes Injured Veterans Mentally and Physically

2018/08/15 Warriors Find Veteran Support and Inner Peace on Nature Hike

2018/09/25 Wounded Warriors Learn Relaxation Methods Through Aromatherapy Yoga

2018/09/17 Veterans Charity Helps Injured Warrior, Spouse Upgrade Healthy Lifestyle

2018/09/15 Warriors Walk Winding Nature Trails for Tranquility, Wellness

2018/09/10 Veterans Empowered With New Skills During Scuba Diving Certification Class

2018/09/28 Warriors Find Veteran Peer Support During Laser Combat Games

2019/04/02 Veterans Push Their Limits with Wounded Warrior Project

2019/04/01 Veterans with Visual Impairment Rediscover Freedom of Sports

2019/01/02 Warriors Discover New Resilience at Adaptive Sports Clinic

2020/01/15 Wounded Warriors Forge New Connections During Blacksmithing Class

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