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Golf Lessons Become Life Lessons for Warriors

SHEBOYGAN, WIS. – Army veteran Ralph Perpignan eyed the target diligently. As he sized up his surroundings, he prepared his partner to take the all-important shot. After every detail had been shared between the two, silence. Then, a quick thud. A shared smile. And, birdie.

Ralph recently supported a golfer at the Irish Course at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin as part of a program to teach veterans to caddie. Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) worked with Caddie School for Soldiers to get Ralph involved with veterans from the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain.

“The Caddie School for Soldiers is a great thing because it allows a soldier to become him or herself,” Ralph said. “You mentor others to be a better golfer. It gives you the gift of giving back.”

Ralph was taught how to better read a course, line up the tee shot, and grade out the green. He also learned how to share his lessons with other golfers.

“You get to learn your craft and mentor others to teach them to be a better person.”

Author Don Snyder started Caddie School for Soldiers to try to help veterans avoid isolation. Giving warriors the opportunity to learn about being a caddie helps connect them and teach them new skills they can use for potential employment.

“Some of them we will train to become professional caddies, some will just enjoy one of the greatest experiences of their lives,” Don said.

Collaboration helps identify veterans for the program. 

“We’re really dependent on organizations like Wounded Warrior Project to help us find them, help us reach them,” Don said.

WWP empowers veterans to make the transition from the military to civilian life by helping them identify the right career path. Experts with the veteran transition program can translate military experience to resumes that shine in the workplace, coach warriors to ace their interviews, and connect warriors to networking opportunities. Working with other organizations helps veterans find jobs and increases chances for warriors to find the right fit.

Learn how WWP helps veterans transition to civilian life.

“Wounded Warrior Project has saved my life,” Ralph said. “It has helped me get better as an individual, as a parent, and as a mentor.”

Contact: Rob Louis — Public Relations,, 904.627.0432

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