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4 Ways Wounded Veterans Can Get Healthy Again with Wounded Warrior Project

By James Herrera – Physical Health and Wellness Director, Wounded Warrior Project

When veterans return to civilian life after serving in the military, staying active and healthy can be a challenge. The structure of military life keeps our nation’s service members in fighting shape and on a structured diet regimen. However, the civilian world lacks the instilled discipline that can be found in the armed services. Additionally, warriors who are wounded in the line of duty can face challenges in their physical recoveries, which can lead to dissatisfaction with health and fitness later in life.

To help combat these issues, warriors who register with Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) can get access to Physical Health and Wellness programs that include adaptive sports, nutrition coaching, and recreational activities. What does this look like for our wounded warriors?

Physical Training Can Help Maintain a Healthy Body…

Even the healthy and motivated among us can find it hard to stay active. However, developing a fitness routine can change your life. WWP gets our warriors sweating with cardio fitness events, CrossFit®, and weight training. Not only are these exercises great for weight management, increasing strength and endurance, and becoming faster, they’re also a lot of fun. WWP staff will ensure that even after each workout is over, warriors will have the tools they need to keep up with training on their own terms.

…And a Healthy Mind

Additionally, it can help with outlook. In a WWP survey of the injured warriors it serves, 29.6 percent of survey respondents expressed physical activity helps them cope with stress and emotional concerns. Programs like this highlight the importance of managing mental health through physical activity.

Assistance with Nutrition Education

Ever wonder what that unpronounceable word on the back of the cereal box means? We have too – and that’s why we work with nutrition coaches and experts to help wounded veterans develop eating plans so they can reach goals like losing weight and saving money. Additionally, there are opportunities for warriors to get hands-on in the kitchen with ingredients and recipes that they can take home and enjoy.

Adaptive and Inclusive Sports Opportunities

There’s an athlete in all of us. Warriors who live with cognitive, emotional, and physical impairments can get engaged with the sports they love. This is helpful in overcoming visible and invisible injuries. Through adaptive sports and recreation, warriors can reignite their leadership skills and challenge buddies in friendly competition.  

To access more resources on WWP’s free health and fitness program offerings, check out the Physical Health and Wellness web page. To learn more about how WWP’s other programs and services are making an impact on the lives of wounded warriors, visit


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