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A Chance to Grow in Understanding, Promote Well-being of Injured Veterans

wounded warrior unloading groceries from back of car in a wheelchair

America’s streets, parks, and stores are less frequented these days. The ghost of life pre-pandemic hangs empty in the air as we close doors and open laptops in an attempt to reconnect with family, friends, and co-workers in a safer environment. But even before COVID-19, there was a group of people less likely to participate in life: veterans whose injuries limit their daily interactions.

Since the spread of the global pandemic, a watchful eye has been focused on injured veterans. Wounded warriors have unique mental and physical injuries that can manifest prominently in a prolonged period of social distancing. As such, organizations have been educating warriors and their families on the difference between social distancing and social isolation. One focuses on separation for the health and safety of warriors and their families, and the other focuses on separation that disconnects warriors – physically and emotionally -- from friends, family, and community.

It’s more important than ever to be innovative with technology that can connect injured veterans to each other through virtual activities and temper tendencies to isolate. The pandemic has provided an opportunity to highlight the situations those coping with disabilities face. It’s also a chance to reach them where they are most comfortable — most often at home.  Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) offers face-to-face and virtual programs and services to do just that.

WWP’s virtual opportunities expanded to include yoga and meditation classes, cooking workshops, and at-home fitness workouts modified to use common household items. WWP created a virtual cycling community, where warriors interact online through coffee socials, virtual riding challenges, cycling maintenance tutorials, and more.

In recognition of the International Day of People with Disabilities, WWP pledges to continue raising awareness of veterans coping with life-changing service injuries. WWP recommits its efforts to provide programs, services, and resources to help rekindle a sense of independence in a warrior’s — and his or her family’s — life.

Click here to learn more about WWP’s Adaptive Sports, Physical Health and Wellness, and Soldier Ride programs.

Contact: Vesta M. Anderson – Public Relations,, 904.570.0771

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