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Wounded Warrior Project Offers 7 Tips to Improve Your Resume

resume tips and highlights for veterans

By Michael Loubert - Warriors to Work Regional Director, Wounded Warrior Project

Getting a resume ready for an employer to review is one of the most important steps when job hunting. For some, this can be a challenge – every person has their own way of organizing their thoughts for others to see. Resume assistance is one of the things Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) offers through a veterans’ employment program called Warriors to Work®. Here are some tips to consider.
1. Watch Your Accuracy

Nothing sends a bigger red flag to an employer than a resume that has spelling mistakes or bad grammar. They will think you’re careless, can’t write, or simply didn’t put in enough effort to get your resume ready. Slow down – and if you need to – use a web tool to check your work. It could be the difference between a call-back or a place in the trash can.

2. Less is More…

Your resume needs to focus on as much of your work history as possible, but it doesn’t need to be a novel. Be concise, and ask yourself if you’re able to say the same thing in fewer words.

3. …But Be Specific

Simply saying you “served in the Army” isn’t as good as also saying which division, whether you did any tours, and what your responsibilities were during that time.

4. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

You might be tempted to play a numbers game and use the same resume as many times as you can – don’t. Think about the position you applied for. What within your previous job experience relates to it? Focus on that when crafting your resume.

5. Make Sure It Looks Nice

Your resume can stand out by the way it looks, and it can be just as easily dismissed for that reason. Ask yourself about the visual appeal and the way everything is spaced on the page. Does it look cluttered and busy? If so, can you play around with the font size and spacing to make it look less crowded? Try this until it looks just right.

6. Consistency Is Key

There’s no bigger eyesore to an employer than a resume with multiple fonts and colors. Keep it black and use one font style.

7. Be Honest

Be bold when describing yourself in your resume. It needs to represent your best self and be the highlight reel of all the amazing things you’ve done professionally. But don’t stretch the truth; your employers will find out, whether in the interview or later when you get the job and can’t do what you said you could. If you have to lie, it’s not the right job.

To access more resources on WWP’s free employment assistance, check out the Warriors to Work web page. To learn more about how WWP’s other programs and services are making an impact on the lives of wounded warriors, visit

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