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Wounded Veterans Receive Life-Changing Treatment With Support From The Blue Angels Foundation

In 2018, Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) and The Blue Angels Foundation joined forces to combat the invisible wounds of war affecting hundreds of thousands of post-9/11 veterans. Unique mental health challenges like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) were making the transition to civilian life difficult and too many veterans were being lost to suicide. Dedicated to fostering the most well-adjusted generation of veterans, the two organizations embarked on a mission to help warriors find futures to look forward to.

Four years later, this joint effort has led to new understandings of PTSD and how to treat it. The Blue Angels Foundation has inspired thousands to join in supporting WWP’s signature mental health program, Warrior Care Network®, by offering to match all donations to the program up to $1 million a year through 2023. Because of The Blue Angels Foundation, WWP’s Warrior Care Network has been able to provide tailored, innovative treatment to thousands of wounded warriors struggling with PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and related conditions.

“We are grateful for the four years that The Blue Angels Foundation has stood beside us as we bridge gaps and expand access to mental health care for warriors and their families,” said Erin Fletcher, Psy.D., director of WWP's Warrior Care Network. “With The Blue Angel Foundation’s generosity, we can provide more warriors with life-changing treatment.”

Through Warrior Care Network, post-9/11 injured veterans can receive custom treatment that offers a path to long-term wellness. The network is a collaboration between WWP, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), and four world-renowned academic medical centers. Warriors receive a year’s worth of therapy in a 2-week outpatient intensive program. Since June 2015, Warrior Care Network has provided over 377,000 hours of clinical treatment to more than 7,400 injured post-9/11 veterans and family members at no charge. In addition, 91% of participants complete the program. On average, they see significant improvement in PTSD and depression symptoms. This helps put them on track to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

“The Blue Angels Foundation has enjoyed a four-year partnership with the Warrior Care Network,” said Mike Campbell, board president at The Blue Angels Foundation. “Together we have helped raise awareness regarding the many issues wounded warriors face, particularly those associated with post-traumatic stress – the invisible wound of war. Through awareness initiatives, the public is learning about these issues and responding by offering their generous support. 

“America’s freedoms belong to the hard-fought efforts of our service members,” Campbell added. “Working together, The Blue Angels Foundation and Warrior Care Network resolve to make their futures bright … full of hope and purpose.”

One warrior’s redemption story reveals how Warrior Care Network empowered her to reach her highest ambitions.

Army veteran Yolanda Poullard was consumed by PTSD after returning from her second deployment. Her mind replayed the scene of losing soldiers in her unit to an explosion in Afghanistan, and survivor’s guilt confined her to bed. Where other counseling sessions had made her feel better temporarily, Warrior Care Network provided her with tools and skills to help her cope and build resiliency. In 2021, she earned her doctorate in organizational leadership and plans to start a community program empowering others to overcome their own challenges with PTSD. 

“Warrior Care Network gave me my life back so I could be a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a sister,” said Yolanda.

Although WWP’s mental health programs have improved the lives of thousands of warriors like Yolanda, the need for effective treatment of invisible wounds is still great and growing. WWP’s Annual Warrior Survey revealed that mental health issues are twice as common as physical injuries among WWP warriors. With continued support from partners like The Blue Angels Foundation, WWP and Warrior Care Network can continue to honor and empower warriors, helping them find their unique path to resilience and hope.

Contact: — Gracie Chauncey, Public Relations,, 904.489.5295

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