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WWP Live Offers Warriors a No-Cost Way to Reduce Stress

Stress has a way of taking over every aspect of our lives if we don’t keep it in check. Some stress-reducing remedies can be costly or isolating, which is why Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) offers an easy way to manage stress: the WWP Live Facebook group.

Since WWP Live’s inception in April 2020, the online community has gained over 3,800 members —all warriors and family support members. It is a fun and effective way for the group to engage in activities spanning a wide variety of topics.

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There are many benefits to joining WWP Live and using the online programs to reduce stress:

  • Getting creative: Art classes provide a fun way to relieve stress and flex that creative muscle. Art therapy and having a creative outlet have been known to assist in stress management. Being creative and making art can also leave participants with a feeling of accomplishment, which can help relax and soothe negative thoughts.
  • Achieving wellness: Wellness-based events offer tips for quality sleep, exercise, and overall healthy nutrition. Some events include breathing techniques to help improve participants’ sense of calm and well-being. The Facebook group also offers workouts and yoga, which frequently focus on mindfulness as part of movement. WWP Live has even hosted best-selling authors, such as Dr. Michael Greger, author of the book How Not to Die!
  • Connecting with others: Most importantly, this online group allows for real-time interaction and engagement between warriors as everyone grows and learns together. It accommodates warriors from around the world and helps build a sense of community from the comfort of their own homes. This is especially paramount for those who live in more rural areas or for those who don’t feel comfortable meeting in person.

Navy veteran Krystle Sowell said, “Attending WWP Live events has helped me manage stress greatly. Even on my worst days when I feel tired or anxious and may want to make an excuse and skip, I push through, and the feeling of accomplishment makes me look forward to the next day’s workout. Knowing how beneficial exercise is to decrease stress is also motivation.”

Krystle also enjoys the flexibility that WWP Live offerings allow. “If you can’t attend live, the classes are recorded so you can watch whenever your schedule permits. If you don’t like a certain workout, you can just try a different one. There is a large variety, so you’ll more than likely find one that you enjoy.”

Contact: Erin Cinney — Public Relations,, 904.832.5326

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