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Veteran Narrates Recovery with Wounded Warrior Project

Female Veteran

Army veteran Tracy Ardrey’s fingers moved quickly over the computer keys.

Click, click, click.

Letters quickly formed words. Words quickly formed sentences as her thoughts materialized on the screen. In this instance, Tracy was freewriting, a technique that doesn’t require the writer to have a specific subject or storyline in mind.

Tracy learned about freewriting through a Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) journaling event. The veterans charity brings warriors together in many ways, including writing courses.

According to WWP’s Annual Warrior Survey, nearly 2 in 3 warriors served by WWP reported feeling lonely. By connecting veterans, WWP cuts through some of that isolation and helps warriors recover.

“Writing has a therapeutic quality for me,” Tracy said. “I suffer from terrible bouts of anxiety. Writing transfers my anxiety to the paper and relieves my anxiety source.”

One WWP-sponsored writing course Tracy completed focused on teaching warriors to create scripts for television or movies. Final Draft® provided special software to help with formatting and a professional screenwriter to guide the veterans.

“I learned theory and techniques regarding the formatting of a screenplay,” Tracy said. “This class changed the way I watch movies. I identify where the plot points are and watch movies to identify and apply screenwriting theory.”

Tracy hopes to be able to tell her story one day in a book or screenplay and is grateful WWP is helping her along the way.

“Wounded Warrior Project’s programs and services were the lifeline to keep me from becoming severely isolated or depressed,” she said. “Whether in person or virtually, Wounded Warrior Project has changed the game regarding reaching out to veterans and families.”

Tracy found a new purpose through her writing. She writes about three times a week now and is taking more screenwriting classes.

Contact: Rob Louis — Public Relations,, 904.627.0432

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