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Unbreakable Bond: How Injury Didn’t Stop a Brother’s Love

Wounded Warrior Project Support Helps Florida Family
Cody (seen here in the gray shirt) not only volunteered to help after his brother’s injuries, he made a point to help with special therapies provided by Wounded Warrior Project.

TAMPA, Fla. (April 10, 2021) — Words of encouragement come easily for Cody Truman. The 26-year-old has spent more than a decade helping coax his older brother to take one more step or try responding to one more question.

Cody’s brother, Andrew Larocca, sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2010. The injury left Andrew paralyzed on the left side of his body and unable to speak. When Andrew was first injured, Cody, then 15, had questions.

“Is he going to make it?” Cody asked. “Why won’t he wake up?”

Andrew did wake up, but Cody and the rest of the family didn’t know how the injuries would impact him. At the time, they didn’t know how the injuries would affect all of them. Cody quickly stepped up to help.

“I knew right when it happened how much I was willing to give up from my life to be there for him and my family. The challenging part was trying to convince my friends and family how involved in Andrew’s recovery I wanted to be.”

Cody has been very involved. He joined his dad at therapy sessions, assisting Andrew in different exercises and encouraging him along the way.

“It is a blessing to be a part of his recovery and see it with my own eyes, especially when the doctors said it would never happen, and I get to witness it firsthand.”

Andrew’s family learned about Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) and its Independence Program early in the program’s existence. Independence Program is for veterans living with the need for a caregiver because of a moderate to severe TBI, spinal cord injury, or neurological condition. The program works with warriors and families to set goals and develop a plan to exceed those goals. Cody has seen the benefits for Andrew.

Learn about the services provided by Independence Program.

“Without Wounded Warrior Project, I don’t know if Andrew or other veterans would have progressed the way they have. I’m blessed personally to see the extra activities Independence Program provides Andrew — and I know he enjoys them.”

Through Independence Program, Andrew has regained some motor skills on his left side. He has taken part in art and music therapies that have helped him find his voice again. Andrew started speaking and singing with other warriors seven years after his losing that ability. Andrew has gone surfing in the Atlantic Ocean and rode a specially adapted bike. While his injuries will always cause challenges, with Cody, the rest of his family, and WWP, Andrew is overcoming obstacles.

“Eleven years later, it is an adjustment and a blessing to watch him grow into the person he once was and fight to get back what he lost.”

Contact: Rob Louis — Public Relations,, 904.627.0432

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