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"The Other Side": Wounded Warrior Project Teammate Jarrad Turner Talks To NPR About Post-Military Life

Something In Common | In the NPR series "Been There: Lessons From A Shared Experience,"  Army veteran and Wounded Warrior Project® teammate Jarrad Turner speaks to fellow veteran Cameron Cook about the challenges -- and beauty -- of transitioning to post-military life.

Jarrad said: “Having a support system that you can trust — family, your bros, veterans' organizations — that is truly the reason that I'm still here. I buried my 10th soldier to suicide, Dec. 24, we buried him. I mean, to this day it still hurts. But, I would say, there's gonna come times in your life now that you just need to be brutally honest with people. Whether it's pain, whether it's memories, whether it's life, there's a time when this stuff can come back on you. And, if you're willing to just talk about it, and understanding that it doesn't necessarily have a rhyme or reason to it, you'll be good."

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