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Love That Transcends: Military Spouse Honors Husband’s Memory, Supports Veterans, Through Carry Forward 5K

Colleen and Tony Kuh at Carry Forward 5k
Colleen and Tony Kuh

In 2019, Colleen Kuh participated in Wounded Warrior Project®’s (WWP) Carry Forward® 5K with her husband Tony and four children. Tony, an Army veteran, pushed the stroller to help Colleen keep her commitment to wear a weighted vest and run.

Sadly, the following year, Tony died from a heart attack. He was only 31. Colleen wants others to remember Tony as a courageous veteran who was building a life as a loving father, professional civilian, and determined college student.

So, this year, Colleen, their children, and about 30 friends formed a squad that would make Tony proud. They walked the Carry Forward 5k in Nashville in his memory — and to honor and empower other warriors and military families.

“Carry Forward is an opportunity to honor my husband’s life,” Colleen said. “He LOVED the Army, and he would have stayed as long as they let him. He was passionate about participating in Carry Forward and I want to continue that legacy. It’s important to take this time to remember him and all the wonderful things about him. I think it would make him happy to see us all together and walking for a good cause.”

Four years ago, Colleen found her own connection to WWP when she needed to get established in the family’s new home in Clarksville, Tennessee, where Tony was starting a new job. She turned to Warriors to Work®, a WWP program that offers career counseling to active-duty service members, veterans, and their family members, to help her connect to a new network. 

Through Warriors to Work, Colleen practiced interview skills, refined her resume, and eventually landed a flexible position as practice director with Robert Half Talent Solutions.

“Prior to COVID-19, there were not many organizations that were on board with remote work,” Colleen said. “I was struggling to find an organization that would take a chance on me. I desperately needed to balance family and career. I was undervaluing myself.

“Through Warriors to Work, I made local connections, found resources, and polished interviewing skills. I was able to find an organization that said, ’we’re OK with you being remote and we trust you to self-manage.’”

Colleen is now ready to help others — including veterans — find new opportunities. Her own journey prepared her for this role.

“Warriors to Work was invaluable just by virtue of having someone who understands what I’m looking for and why,” she said. “I met a lot of people I would hire, and I’m happy to help others make connections just like Warriors to Work helped me.”

By finding a new career path, she found the space to raise her family and support Tony’s career and educational endeavors.

When the unthinkable happened last fall, Colleen had family, friends, career, and faith to lean on. She wants to make sure other military families know they are not alone.

“Until you’re in the military community, you don’t fully understand how much service men and women give, and how much their families give,” Colleen said. “I want to support them. I want to personally do my best to help veterans translate their skills into the civilian world and appreciate the intangibles they bring to the table. It’s easy to make a post on social media once a year, but we can give a little bit more since they give so much for the rest of us and for our country.” 

In October 2021, Colleen and her ATK Squad (in memory of Anthony “Tony” Kuh) walked and ran the Carry Forward 5K in Nashville and raised more than $4,700 to help veterans.

Join supporters like Colleen in honoring injured veterans and their families.

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