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LDRSHIP Challenge: Jacksonville Student Athletes And Wounded Warriors Inspire Change


City Streets to Student Athletes was established to deter athletic students from drugs and crime and develop them into productive student athletes. These student athletes made their veteran coaches and local beach walkers proud as they publicly pledged to live drug-free lives, be positive influences on each other, and make valuable contributions to society. Each activity station aimed to test the endurance and leadership of each athlete with exercises such as scaling walls, running while strapped to a tire, and performing fireman carries.

But the event did more than help mold Jacksonville's next generation.

"This event helped wounded warriors just as much as it helped our youth," said Carlos DeLeon, retired U.S. Army veteran and WWP Peer Support Group leader. "Making connections with other veterans and the local community are invaluable to a warrior's recovery. It creates a support structure that allows warriors to not only survive, but to thrive in their civilian life."



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