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How Wounded Warrior Project Would Help Superhero

While not technically eligible to register with WWP, Corporal James Howlett, a genetically enhanced superhero, has endured many traumatic experiences. 


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (March 27, 2017) – Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) just registered warrior 100,000, but an estimated 800,000 wounded veterans of this generation are still not signed up for WWP’s life-saving services. To look deeper into how WWP helps warriors heal, the organization focused on a veteran who could benefit greatly from its free programs.

While not technically eligible to register with WWP, Corporal James Howlett, a genetically enhanced superhero, has endured many traumatic experiences. The fictional character from comic books and movies has been depicted fighting in the Civil War, World War II, the Vietnam War, mutant confrontations, and even future battles with massive mutant-targeting robots.

His roles in these conflicts create the potential for severe military post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While his military-enhanced metal alloy exoskeleton reduces physical injuries and his mutation increases healing speed, WWP would focus on the invisible wounds of war. Corporal Howlett’s trademark anger, hypervigilance, and anti-social behaviors are signature symptoms of PTSD.

Connection Events

WWP could start by getting Cpl. Howlett out of his house, or mansion/school, or cabin in the Canadian wilderness – wherever he is these days. Whether it is a baseball or hockey game, a fishing outing, or even a cooking class (we bet those razor-sharp claws would come in handy in the kitchen), connecting Cpl. Howlett with other wounded warriors would show him he is not alone in the transition from military life to civilian life. While other veterans may not have mutant supervillains after them, they do understand more common challenges.

Physical Health & Wellness

Although Cpl. Howlett is in outstanding physical shape, his eating habits – and penchant for cigars – are not ideal. WWP’s Physical Health & Wellness program can coach him on healthier meal ideas. By connecting this warrior with guidance for proper nutrition, WWP can help reduce some stress on the well-known character.

Career and Benefits Counseling

As a veteran of multiple combat missions, Cpl. Howlett is eligible for many Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. While his super-healing may keep his VA rating low, WWP Benefits Services can help him navigate the sometimes tricky government system. Additionally, WWP can help determine the right career field for this X-man to pursue, if he chooses. The first step would be translating his experience and talents into a civilian-ready resume. Think “advanced negotiation skills” instead of “defeated bad guys with sharp fists.”

Mental Health and Wellness

WWP is increasing its efforts to improve access to mental health care. Cpl. Howlett could benefit from Warrior Care Network® – an innovative approach to mental health treatment. Intensive outpatient programs provide up to a year’s worth of clinical therapy in two to three weeks.

Multi-day outdoor rehabilitative workshops would align our clawed companion with other veterans to directly address PTSD triggers. On-site therapists could work one-on-one with him if a situation becomes too intense for the experimental weaponized soldier. WWP even offers couples workshops – in case our warrior and a certain telekinetic redhead ever decide to confront their issues.

Peer support groups would connect Cpl. Howlett with other veterans to directly work through challenges together. One day, he may even lead one of these peer groups, morphing from the warrior on top needing support to the warrior on bottom carrying another veteran.

WWP couples each of these mental health programs with follow-up care, which would ensure Cpl. Howlett is continuing on the right path.

A Phone Call Away

WWP connects warriors with one another, their families, and communities. It serves warriors with life-saving programs targeting mental and physical health, career and benefits counseling, and support for the most severely wounded. And WWP empowers warriors to mentor other veterans and live life on their terms.

Warriors can gain access to these free programs and services by contacting WWP’s Resource Center at 888.WWP.ALUM (888.997.2586).

To learn more about how WWP’s programs and services are making an impact on the lives of 100,000 wounded warriors, visit

Contact: Rob Louis – Public Relations


Phone: 904.627.0432


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