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Female Warriors Develop Connections through Golf Series

Warriors had a chance to show off their golf skills at Top Golf during WWP's Golf Appreciation event. 

For the past seven months, female warriors met in groups and one-on-one to connect and play golf. The female golf coaching series allowed warriors from all different skill levels to come together and improve their game.

Linda Lin, an Army veteran, enjoyed the Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) series since it allowed her to get out of her house and into the good weather. “It’s helped me because I don’t have to be stuck in my house all the time. It drives me crazy to be stuck in my house.”

Linda explained that in addition to being outdoors, she really enjoyed improving her skills. “I had played a couple of times, so I knew the basics of how to play.” Linda said. “I joined the series and found out I really enjoy it. If I hit a good ball, it’s exciting for me.”

WWP Outreach Specialist David Mynett explained that the series reaches a variety of warriors. “All types of people can play golf. You can play golf during any stage of life or skill level.”

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This same reasoning encouraged Navy veteran Misty Taylor to give golf a try, but she had her reservations at first. “I told David I don’t like golf. I hate putt-putt, so why would I want to play golf? But he told me to give it one try, so I did. I had so much fun that it was ridiculous. Two days later, I was in a tournament with the other Wounded Warrior Project golfers.”

Misty explained that her newfound love for golf and the connections she made with other female veterans have only grown from there. “I actually have more friends now than I have since I retired, and it’s because of this golf group. I have a core group, and we always play together. It’s something I really look forward to — seeing my buddies, shooting the breeze, laughing if we’re not playing well. It doesn’t matter how bad our golf game is, it’s always the best time.”

An added benefit for Misty and other warriors is how this female-only group facilitates an even stronger bond. “Everyone was laughing and having such a great time out in public. I know at least for me, it’s really hard to be out in public unless I’m with a group I feel safe with. Meeting different women, creating that little bond, I always feel comfortable knowing I’m going to be out in public with them,” Misty said.

Through the Women Warriors Initiative research, women say that social and personal support – and having a strong community of fellow sisters-in-arms – play a critical role in their transition to civilian life from a military career. 

Linda and Misty both expressed their encouragement for other female warriors to give golf a try. Misty reiterated David’s advice. “Try one time, and if you don’t like it after that, maybe we can talk you into giving it a second shot. But everyone who has tried it has really liked it.”

Golf isn’t the only new activity that Misty has tried recently. Her taste for trying different activities is something she finds invaluable about being a part of WWP. “Wounded Warrior Project means the world to me. Honestly, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be participating in nearly as much. There are so many activities offered for me to try, and I can find things that I really enjoy doing. It’s hard to put the value of that that into words, but I can say it’s made such a huge impact for me.”

Contact: Erin Cinney — Public Relations,, 904.832.5326

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