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Wounded Warrior Project’s Resource Center Empowers First Step to Recovery

Asking for help does not always come naturally to warriors, but like your battle buddies in the military, the Resource Center at Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) has your six.

WWP’s Resource Center is the first point of contact that warriors and their family members have with the veterans’ nonprofit. Whether that communication is via phone call, chat, or email, the nearly 30 WWP teammates who comprise the Resource Center stand ready to serve.

These teammates intimately understand the experiences and challenges of the people making that initial outreach. That’s because more than 50% of the WWP teammates in the Resource Center are warriors or family support members themselves. And the others are civilians with the requisite compassion for warriors and their journeys to healing.  

“This organization understands with empathy all the effort that goes into deciding to pick up the phone and make a call,” said Tom Kastner, WWP financial wellness vice president. “Many in the Resource Center have been in your seat, and our job is to be humble and caring and provide the answers to your questions.”

Some of the ways the Resource Center supports warriors and their family members include:

  • Registering as a warrior or family member.
  • Signing up for WWP programs, which help with everything from mental health to managing VA benefits claims.
  • Providing information on how to connect with warriors and family members in their respective communities.
  • Referring warriors and family members to other organizations for services WWP doesn’t provide.

On an average day, the Resource Center:

  • Takes up to 200 calls.
  • Receives 20-30 different chats.
  • Answers 50-70 emails.

The Resource Center is pivotal in identifying a warrior or family member’s needs and setting them on the path to recovery. Whether assisting with access to mental health, employment, benefits, physical health and wellness, or connecting them with others, the Resource Center is available Monday to Friday, 9 am to 9 pm ET. Warriors and their family members can call 888.WWP.ALUM (997.2586), email the Resource Center, or live chat with a WWP teammate in the Resource Center.

“Just make one phone call,” said David Veros, a WWP teammate and Air Force veteran who works at the Resource Center. “Just ask, ‘What can Wounded Warrior Project do for me?’ Reach out; you will find a place here. Wounded Warrior Project can change your life.”

Contact: Jon Blauvelt — Public Relations,, 904.426.9756

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