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A Family Affair: Generations of Caring

Claude and Judi Foster’s grandchildren get together about once a year in Richmond, Virginia. There are nine grandchildren all together, and three of them, Oliver, Ben, and Anna, live near the grandparents. The money they collected from a lemonade and cookies stand this year was sent to WWP with a note that said, “Bless You All,” along with a touching illustration by young Anna.

“We like to give the grandchildren an experience in the importance of giving,” Judi said. “Though we have no family members serving in the military presently, in the past we have had some serve in the Army, Navy, and National Guard. One of Anna’s friend’s dad has a service dog to help alert and steady PTSD episodes since his military assignment in Afghanistan. This is what spurred on their choosing Wounded Warrior Project to be the beneficiary of the lemonade stand earnings this year. The grandchildren also donated their own earnings (each can earn up to $10 for their day’s work) into the donation to Wounded Warrior Project. Thanks for helping us teach the grandchildren the importance of giving!”  


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