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3/16/2017 | KENS 5

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) has reached a major milestone: 100,000 veterans nationwide have been helped through its programs. The first warrior registered with the veterans service organization said he's found a new purpose in life. Brian Neuman, the first registered wounded warrior, lives to serve everything --  from his family to his country to fellow veterans. Read more…


3/16/2017 | Kindness & Hope

Their battle is a daily, internal one that at times makes it seemingly difficult to live what most of us deem a normal life. Read more…


3/15/2017 | Huffington Post

We've come a long way since a few brave women abandoned traditional roles as seamstresses or cooks and instead served in combat - disguised as men - alongside their husbands during the American Revolution. Read more…


3/13/2017 | ABC 3 Baltimore

Navy Youth Hockey hit the ice to show appreciation and raise awareness for wounded veterans. Read more…


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