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2/15/2017 | Huffington Post

Their love story began as many do -- on the dance floor. Rebecca, a Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Corpsman at Camp Pendleton in California, was out for the evening with her roommate when they took a few spins with fellow Marines. Read more...

March 2017 | Homeland Magazine

When an improvised explosive device (IED) put an end to Bradley Thomas' military career, he said he was not quite ready for the transition to civilian life.  See more…

1/23/2017 | Kindness & Hope

They've already fought a battle that most of us will never endure, but for those who serve, the greatest fight of their life begins when they get home. See more...

2/18/2017 | KING 5 

They are soldiers, sailors, and strangers. None of the veterans on a recent snowshoe outing had met before, but they all wanted to spend the day together. Read more...

2/20/2017 | KRDO

To help soldiers transition into civilian life, warriors are getting a crash course on how to grow their own food. Read more...




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